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Has anyone worked in an operating room during pregnancy? I am a nurse in the OR and a little worried about the anesthesia gas.

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Particularly in the first trimester you should try to have as little exposure to anesthesia gases as possible.  There is a strong link to spontaneous abortions, miscarriages & early labor.  That being said most anesthesia machines have a very good scavenger system to get rid of waste gases. Ideally you could be relocated to a part of the OR where they won't be using gas (maybe eye or cysto cases?) particularly in first trimester. Or speak up and let the anesthesia provider know you are pregnant, don't let them leave gas on when ET tube is disconnected and wait to turn on gas until after intubation.  Also be aware xray radiation "safe" levels are much much lower for the fetus.  Be sure to get an additional badge for the baby to test their exposure if you have intra operative xray exposure (try to avoid as much as possible of course!).  Lastly the common cement used in many total joints is extremely toxic and is airborn.  There is no way to protect your self from exposure. It's tiny particles can even fuse themselves to your eye contact lenses.  There are no definitive case studies on it's effects to pregnant OR workers that I could find. Simply due to the fact that they know its highly toxic particularly to the liver and to initiate a study would simply be unethical.  Good luck! I'm 6 months pregnant and am still finding it frustrating how much self directed research I've had to do on my own to protect my unborn son from the hazards of the operating room! Be deligent, and stand up for your baby's health : )

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