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Hi gals.. I am about to be 29 weeks with my first son. My boss has given me off 5 weeks which i am super happy about cause i am a nanny and dont get a lot of time off! They dont know if they are going to let me bring my son with me to work! Both the kids I watch are in school! I do not feel I can leave my newborn son alone for 10-16 hours a day!! What should i do?? I have even told them that maybe we can have a test run for a month or so and see if it gets to rough.. but still no answer from them... ANy one have any suggestions?

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im not really into daycare but if u gotta do u then u gotta do it. if they wont let you take him try to find a new job where you dont have to work so many hrs and can spend more time with him. Do u have any family that can watch him?
My whole family and my husbands family that could watch him all smoke and I reallly do not want him to be around that at all.. I am just hoping they get back to me soon with an anwer
yea most of my family smokes to but it think as long as they smoke outside, and wash their hands and spray something its better than daycare with the baby beingw with ppl u dnt really know. good luck with ur job, hopefully they let u atke him

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