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have a crazy question about my boobs?

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I am curious about the effects of nursing on my breasts after i am done. Pre-pregnancy I was already a 36H (thats the equivalent of 36DDDDD). At 12 wks I am already a 36I now. My question is, will nursing help my breasts shrink down to LESS than what they were pre-pregnancy? I have wanted a breast reduction for 20 years! It would be nice to think that could be a happy side effect. Anyone have any insight? PS. the 36H is all natural, got them from my great-grandmother!

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The bad news is that throughout pregnancy - and then again when your milk comes in - your breasts may grow even more. The good news is that it's temporary and when you wean your child your breasts may even shrink an extra size or two. For me, however, I started my first pregnancy at 34B and weaned my second baby 8 yrs later only to fit into a 36C. I weighed about 10 pounds more, so that may have something to do with it. My maternal aunt only had one kid and prepregnancy she was 38DD, but six months after her daughter was weaned she was in a 40D.
Before my first child I was a 34B and after I was a 36C.  Then I and I became a 36D.  I am pregnant with my third and my last child and I am worried because I am sure my breasts will be larger once again.

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