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Have you experienced pregnancy dreams?

5 answers
Lately I've been having the craziest dreams about being pregnant. I'm hoping this meas something. Did you have any similar dreams before finding out about your pregnancy?

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It's very common.  If you did a search for dreams you'd be sure to find all kinds of dreams on here posted by preggo women.  I
But if you aren't pregnant yet, or aren't sure if you are, it may just be your subconscience really wanting a baby and coming out in your dreams. 
last yr i had a dream i was prego with a baby boy even before i found out i was pregnant..unfortunately i lost the baby but it tured out it was a boy..crazy stuff
I have some really strange dreams, not just about my baby but other things, such as Ronald Mcdonald, Star Wars etc. Some are worse than others.
Before I knew I was pregnant, I had a dream that 2 girls in my scrapbook club decided to have babies, and they both wanted girls.  About 2 weeks later, I found out I was the one pregnant.  I don't know the sex yet, but i have a feeling it's a girl.

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