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having period like cramps everythingi sit or lie down.. and my dr never calls me back

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woke up due to some really bad period like cramps.. got up walked pain was gone.. tryed goin to bathroom nothing. got up pain still gone but as i sit or bend pain is there again.. but baby is high.. what is this pain

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Braxton-hicks most likely. Or also known as false labor. It's just getting you ready for the real deal, but they don't mean anything. Real contractions do not go away when you lie down or take a walk. You could also start timing them to make sure that they are irregular. If they are regular, like every seven minutes and last about 45 seconds each, then that is true labor. If you are really worried I would definitly go to the hospital, regardless of you're doctor calling you back.
Yes I agree with krystal_lee.  They most likely are braxton hicks, but I would advise going to the hospital and being completely sure.  But odds are if they aren't on a regular interval and go away when you walk then it isn't true labor yet.
I've heard that braxton-hicks contractions are pretty painless, but that also doesn't sound like you're in labor.  It's always good to get your questions answered by your doc, and if your doc is too busy or unwilling to call you back, they're not doing their job and you should find one that's more cooperative.  You might call and ask a nurse to find out the answer for you, just in case doc's super busy.
I am 37 weeks and experiencing stomach and back pain- like pressure but no contractions, what is this?

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