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He is finally here!!!

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I just wanted to let everyone know I had my baby December 7th. I named him Breckin Leon. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and 20 in long. He is perfect. I went to the hospital and 6:00 that morning and had him at 10:06am. I was suprised it went so fast. I heard first time moms were in there for awhile. We are both doing well. His jaundice levels are a little high but not bad. So happy he is finally here!!!

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so jealous lol.. congrats!
Congrats! It's so exciting to be a first time mom and it only gets beter the second time around. I will be having my second little girl, Abbygail Rose in March and me, her dad, and sister can't wait. But anyways congrats and tell your new little guy that I said Merry 1st Christmas.
Aww!  Congrats! :)I laboured with my son quickly, too.  Went into labour at 3:45am and had him at 10:41am the same day! lol

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