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Hi I wanted to know if its normal to be having so much headaches and pressure at the same time am about 18 weekes i tell my doctor but all the recep tells me to drink tyn every 4 hours idk what to do and my blood pressure is normal idk ???

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I'm pregnant and I usually get migraines regularly but now i'm getting them twice as much and losing my sight when they come and vomitting for hours and my doctors says its all normal. I can usually sleep for a few hours and be just fine. I would suggest more water when you feel them coming on.
I had migraines all the time in my frist trimester and the beg of my second trimester... My dr just told me I can take 2 extra strength tyn. it worked for a bit. Just try to stay somewhere dark and quite while you have one.
Headaches are a completely normal part of pregnancy due to increased blood flow. 2 extra strength tylenol every 4-6 hrs should help.
Thank You guys I appreciate your answers!! : )
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