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Hello everyone! I am the Dad and was worried that my Wife spotted on Saturday, and was wondering is that normal? We are nine weeks...

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They don't consider bright blood ("New blood") normal but it not uncommon.  I had two new blood spotting episodes in my 8th week... but am in my 12th without any other issue.  Basically, I'd get in to have an ultrasound to ease your stress about anythinng being wrong... nothing like seeing and hearing to put your mind at ease.We believe my episode(s) were over-exhurtion and dehyrdration... So I don't do anything with lifting or long exposure to the sun and drink lots of water....If it's dark blood (old blood) they aren't concerned at all with it if its just spotting.
Your at the beginning of her pregancy, and her body has to clean itself out. I wouldnt stress just make an apt. with your o.b/ midwife. I spotted till my 12th week and my baby boy is still fine, I am 27 weeks now and everything is fine. Just if she starts bleeding large amounts go in right away. Make sure she drinks alot of water and gets alot of sleep. Also if she starts cramping as if she was on her period take her in to the emergency room. 
i bleed at 5.5 weeks and i miscarriege a week later i would call your doctor NOW
My first pregnancy I spotted at 12 weeks, but there was also cramping and it led to a miscarriage. My doctor has told me that spotting is completely normal, as long as there is no cramping with it. If it becomes frequent, though, I would call the doctor just to be safe.
I had the same thing happen to me when I was 8.5 weeks pregnant. I was scared so I called my doctor gave me an ultrasound said there was a heart beat, so I was relieved. But I was still worried because I had bleeding at 11.5wks, 13wks, 16wks, 18wks. My doctor gave me another ultrasound and baby was fine, I still wasnt convinced.  When I was 20 weeks along I ended up changing doctors for a number of reasons and my new doctor gave me a vaginal pelvic exam(becuase my other doctor never had), he check my cervix and noticed that when he touched it bled. He said that the bleeding was coming from my cervix and not from inside my uterus.It was such a relief for me. He said that when your pregnant your cervix has increased blood flow and the blood vessel become engorged which can cause bleeding esp after sex, over-exhurtion and maybe bowl movements or urinating. And also I still have bleeding almost weekly and Im almost 26 weeks. I hope my answer helps and tell your wife to make sure the doctor checks her cervix.

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