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Hello! I am 46 and I am sure i am pregnant, but my hpt results are negative....

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Could my hcg levels be lower or do I need to wait a little longer to test? My last period was 5/4/2010. I am now a week late for my period. I am always right on time, every 28 days. I am nauseated, can stand the smell of certain foods and my sensitivity to smell has really increased. i have had some cramping, my stomach feels tight, i go to the bathroom constantly and my breasts are very sensitive. What do you think?

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I would keep trying, give it another weeks or so. I went for a blood test before my period as i was convinced i was pregnant but it came back neg. Then did a urine test a week after my period was due it came back neg. Went to doc and found out i was 7 weeks pregnant!! Don't give up :)
Thank you so much!!  That makes me feel a lot better!!  I will give it another week and I will not give up!!   :)

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