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Hello! I haven't has my period since December '09, but I have took pregnancies test and they were neg., could I still be pregnant?

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Hi! My name is Ke-Ke and I just want to get a little more detailed about my situation. As I already stated I haven't had a period since December '09. Dec 28th was the first day of last menstrual cycle to be exact. I haven't seen any spotting, bleeding, or anything since. I have taken two home pregnancies tests and they were negative. I also went to the E.R. for some sharp abdominal cramps in Feb and they told me my pregnancy test was negative also. I don't understand why I haven't had my period or is there still a chance that I could be? Is it possible for me to have a false negative? I already have a 16 month old daughter but I really don't have symptoms like that during my pregnancy so I still dont know what to look for. But I have been having some breast tenderness, which I have had in my past pregnancies. I also have been having some sharp lower abdominal pains. I really need to find out if I am pregnant due to the fact that I have complications with my pregnancy. I had a previous pregnancy before my daughter and I prematurely gave birth at 24 weeks to a little boy due to a week cervix and he didn't make it. So with my daughter my doctor had to give me a cerclage in order to hold my cervix so I could carry my baby to term. So that's why its so important for me to know if I am pregnant so I can start the perfect care that I need. The only problem is I don't have insurance to go to my doctor when I want to, but I don't want to risk my baby if there is one. Please help and let me know, what do you suggest?

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its very possible that you could still be pregnant
I agree that you could still be pregnant. I think the best course of action would be for you to go see you OB/GYN. I took multiple pregnancy test with my son and they were all negative. But I was very much pregnant. Explain your concerns to your doctor and they will most likely do a blood test or ultrasound.
Wow I'm going through the same thing basically I have not had aperiod since January but then again I am on the Implanon an implanted birth control so I don't know?

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