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me and my fiancee have been trying to get pregnant for a few months, nothing yet :( any helpful tips? anything I should try??

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Just keep at it!  Plain and simple, but unless you're willing to throw down a load of cash for hormone therapy and fertilization procedures [which could get you a whole litter of kids...], there isn't a secret pill on the market or a hot pepper to help you conceive.  Just make sure the both of you are healthy and active [out of the bedroom].  Both times we got pregnant, it was right when I was ovulating... that's the best time to go at it, literally.
Thanks for the advice!
Getting pregnant can take  a long time sometimes. If you aren't having periods that are irregular then everything should be fine.  It took my husband and I almost a year to get pregnant with my 2nd his first.  With my 4th it took us 7 months.  But if you have the money and want to do fertility drugs or get yourselves tested to make sure everything is working all right then go for it.  But I would wait for at least a year before I would go and do any of that.  There isn't really a right or a wrong way to have sex to get pregnant.  I would suggest though after his sperm have been released inside you to raise your buttocks and legs up in the air.  A lot of women have said that this has helped them to conceive.  I hope this helped.
You still could possibly be.  I would wait a couple more days and then take another home pregnancy test.  That is if you don't get your period in that time.  Your hormones just might not be changed enough to come back positive on a home pregnancy test yet.  I hope this helps.
Oh, how I can relate!!  I recently went on leave from my nuclear security job where we would be posted for hours at a time without relief.  I also wore a 30 lb. utility belt for 12 hours a day.  Sometimes I thought I was going to burst.  Once finally relieved, it would hurt to walk to the bathroom.  I decided to leave when my bladder began leaking.  I would loose control due to having to hold it all the time.  I too am at 28 wks, and now have much less pain and incontenance issues.  My advice is to avoid constant "holding" as it really seems to weaken the bladder.  If you find you have weakness, practice kegels (10 sets of 10) while in traffic or watching tv.  It has really helped me.
If you really need the job to help out then I would just make the most of the time you have after you get off  at 1. If you don't really need it and don't really want to stay then leave. It all depends on what you need. How long haave you been working there? Sometimes it just takes a little while to adjust and then you don't feel quite as tired. I hope you get everything figured out. Good luck! :)
Well do you need to have a job? If you financially need to be able to keep a job to help support the family then I would try to make the best of it.. not many places would be willing to schedule you just on weekends so I would stay there since you love the job anyway and then spend time resting or doing things with your daughter and husband during the week when he gets home or on weekends after you do. If you can afford to quit then I would do just that and spend the weekends with your family.. it all comes down to what you can afford to do financially and what you feel is right for you and your family.. good luck =)
If your period is late you should test for pregnancy, not ovulation.
i did test for pregnancy but i came out negative 
You have posted about various issues regarding your cycle multiple times. Have you seen your doctor about these problems?


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