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i just went pee and i saw blood and i dont know what to do?

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Any time you have bleeding you are concerned about you should talk to your doctor.  Even if they have you come in for a visit and they tell you everything is normal, it's better than ignoring it and having something be really wrong.  particularly if you have been feeling pain lately.  But in any case, call your doctor.
How many weeks are you? I had spotting from weeks 6-9 and i was fine. They said its probably just implantation bleeding. I know some ppl that spotted the whole pregnancy and they were fine. Everyones  different, but u should still tell your doctor.
Spotting is normal after sex and exams at the doctor's office. If it occurs other than those times or is more than just spotting then you should definitely call your doctor.
well it was after sex and im 13 weeks and the bleeding spot after that one time and the only pain i feel are the one in my back! i try to not do anything but my back still hurts. i really dont like taking meds. im totally against most meds but a hot bath makes me feel better but so tired tha i usually fall asleep in the tub. thanks yall so much!
I typed this all up and wasn't signed in so if it shows up twice I apologize. I am at 39 weeks right now ... and I had a NASTY case of morning sickness around 8 weeks in till somewhere in my 5th month. I even ended up in the ER with dehydration because I couldn't keep anything down. I took the vitamins for about a month and just couldn't keep them down anymore. While yes it is ideal to take them, the vitamin fairy isn't going to come and hit you on the head and say your a bad person for not taking them. I've not taken them since that first month my baby is healthy and I am huge right now. Worry more about keeping fluids down and eating baby needs the basics more than he or she needs the extras. Babies have been born since the beginning of time and they didn't have vitamins, choose healthier things for the moment, and once you start feeling better you can try other vitamins, my doctor suggested I tried Flintstones or just taking folic acid ... when I couldn't do either of those she just said start eating cereal with high amounts of folic acid in it. Some people can keep them down if they take them right before bed or do halves. 
well i think ill just take your advice and not take them because i never take my vitinams tha often only when i remember which was never plus also everytime i try to eat ceral i just throw that up and the only thing that i can keep down is anything that isnt cold or white like milk lets say just say the only thing that i can keep down is rice dressing and potatoes salad with sprite or water but never with milk and it sucks. im a person who loves milk
If you cant handle the reg prenatal vitamins you can try the flinestones chewable ones. My doctor said that was fine too.
thanks and im am going to go and buy them thanks so much
You can try taking them before you go to bed,I was like you I would throw up no matter what timeof day whether I ate before or after taking my vitamin,my friend suggested for me to take them before I went to bed and it has helped me alot! good luck I hope it gets better for you.
It's possible that you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test, and see a doctor to find out why you don't have periods.


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