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I dont know whether if I am pregnant or not. I alway use to stay up late at night but now i find myself going to sleep at 7pm. I am dont know if i have the signs or not.

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did u miss ur period?
and not everyone has symptoms so if u missed ur period i would deff take a test
i suggest you go to the hospital ASAP... your doctor can determine if you and the baby are ready. Best of Luck!!!
thats how i was . before i was pregnant i was up till like 3 in the morning . before i actually knew i was pregnant i started falling asleep around 7 or 8 or even when i would come home from school . also i missed my period but i thought maybe it was a change in my cycle . i started feeling sick but not throwiing up or morning sickness . it was just i would like gag & feel like i was going to buut then i was fine in the after noon . i actually got the balls to take two test they both came out positive . so i called my mom and told her . then i tpok another one in school and yes i am going to be 3 months pregantn . 
idk if that alone is a sign i would take a test if u were u.  when u r preganat ur body produces a hormone called HGC this hormone can be detected through ur blood or urine..u can even buy a cheap test becuase the hormone will only be there if u are indeed prego.
It's hard for anyone to determine over the Internet. Morning sickness can be very difficult for some women, but if you've been around people who are sick it's possible you're sick. You might want to call your doctor. As far as the pain goes, it could just be some normal round ligament type pains that are caused by your uterus and abdominal muscles expanding. But if the pain persists, you should call your doctor.

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