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Help with baby boy names:)

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I am having a hard time comming up with boys names that I love. My first idea is Brigham Blake, I really like it but I am not sure what people think of it. Next I was thinking Briggen Blake, I have never heard of the name Briggen before I kind of made it up, so I was wondering what people thought of it.. I dont have many other ideas except I like the name Parker James too, but its kind of a more common name and we have a really common last name, so thats why I wanted it to be different but not weird.

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Ok I am a fan of different names.. we are naming our little boy dominic.. something that has been heard of before but not real common.. I do like the name Parker.. The other 2 I must confess that Brigham I sat here and read outloud a couple times to pronouce it lol and Briggen is cute I just personally think its a little too different.. however it needs to be what you and your husband/partner think is the right name for your little boy =) good luck and just makes sure that you are happy with what you pick out thats all that really matters
You could go with one of these names: Brigdon (pronounced with a hard g), Brance (like France) or Drennon. I don't know if I would go with Brigham unless you are Mormon. I think their leader had that name.
Ok, Briggen sounds like friggen.... not what I want to call my kid. Parker is very spiderman to me, but that's just me. I like more "normal" names, but each to their own. My fav boy names are Ethan, Alexander, Jonathan.... you get the idea. Although if I have a boy, I'm being told its name will be Justin.... (yikes!).
Parker James is really cute, it's common, but not super common. I only know two people by that name, one boy, one girl. I like less common names too and Briggen is definitely different however really depends how you pronounce it? Burr- igg-in? or Bridge- in? The second way is way cute I like it personally. Brance is super cute too! That was a good suggestion. Other good names are like Riley, Bastian, Ethan, Jedidiah, Bronc. I personally picked Ayden and Roxas for my boys:)). Hope you fall for something. Let us know what you decide. Best of wishes

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