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Help: I am 9 weeks pregnant and I'm going baby crazy!

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I am so excited to be having my second child. With my first child I was always busy because I was still in high school and I think I was a little scared at the moment too but now that I'm married and pregnant with my second child I can't think straight. I'm already planning all of the baby registrys and the baby shower. I don't know what to do is this normal? What did you do while waiting the full 40 weeks?

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Im 5 weeks right now with my second and I know how you feel! Its ok to be super excited though! Right now I like to go on and do research, anything that can help me prepare for my baby's birth. It makes me feel like Im helping in some way to learn as much as I can, plus its fun! Right now enjoy being pregnant, time will fly eventually and youll have your little one in your arms :)
I did the same thing am still at it. I am 32 weeks due sept 13th, the only thing am still undecided on is my precious girls name. Helena or Destinee.
I really love the name Destinee it is so beautiful and the only way that other kids can make fun of this name is to say Destinee has a destiny.  I have two friends with this name and I love it.  Good Luck?
i am 14 weeks pregnant with my 1st and super excited as well. i have already bought some stuff and am planning out the nursery right know. i am so excited. i get to find out the sex in a month. i cant wait. i dont know how i will last another 26 weeks. i enjoy going to baby stores and just looking around. congrats! and good luck!
i went baby crazy about 6 months before i got pregnant (i know its a bit weird)  i went online read a bunch of product reviews and made this super baby wish list with all the stuff i wanted and needed, i'm still going back and fine tuning things. and i still drive my hubby crazy with name ideas.  its normal.
im 12 and a half weeks and im soooo excited im driving my husband crazy but he still loves me lol its normal

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