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Help: I am really embarassed to ask this question but I need advice?

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I know that this is really gross but I just found out that I have head lice, I have a niece who got them at her mothers house and now we have them. I am five months pregnant and I'm really scared? I had them a few times as a child and know that they are really hard to remove so I don't know what to do to make matters worst I have a daughter under the age of 5 and she has them too. I feel so bad for her. Please help I want to get rid of them before the baby comes.

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They make a shampoo that you can use on both you and your daughter then wash ALL of the bedding and things in your house to make sure that they are gone from there as well.. my cousins just got them a few weeks ago and her her 6 year old 4 year old and 1 year old all had them.. they did the shampoo treatments and washed everything and they were gone in no time.. good luck hun =)
wash all your bedding get the spray and spray the furniture that isnt washable wash everything that is able to go in the washer and dryer use the shampoo on you and your daughter and then use the lice comb
Don't be embarassed!!  It's not your fault this happened.  Do what the above have suggested and you can always do some searches online to find out how to rid your house of the stuff you can't wash!  Good luck!!!  :)
I used to babysit for kids who got them ALL THE TIME!!! The thing that I've found that works the best and is healthy for you to use while pregnant AND is good for your hair is Olive Oil!!! Soak your hair in it and than cover it for an hour, wash all bed clothes in super hot water and soak hair brushes, comb, hair ties ect. in bleach and than use the bedding spray on bedding. AFter you soak your hair for an hour use the comb and carefully comb through you and your daughter's hair and than repeat in 10 days.
By 'the comb' I mean a lice comb of course.
Another option is to use mayonaise and vinegar. You lather your hair in the mayo and let it sit for a while then use the vinegar to rinse the mayo out. Then shampoo the vinegar smell out and use the lice comb to comb it. Use the bedding spray and wash your bedding. Any stuffed animals that can't be washed should be tied up in trash bags and left for 2 weeks. Good luck sweetie. :) and don't be embarrassed, it happens to everybody sometime.
the over the counter stuff doesnt work. dont waste your money. Get Cetaphil lotion and Denorex extra strenght shampoo...which are both safe for you to use as well. cover your heads with the cetaphil and leave on over night. Do it early eough that it will be dry by the time your DD goes to bed, because you DO NOT want to send her to bed with plastic wrap or anythingn like that on her head. the chance of suffocation is too great. Then wash all stuffed animals, bedding, clothes, coats, hats, etc in HOT water. DO this over and over. I got rid of them in a week and (knock on wood) been ok since then. wash your hair the next day with the denorex....OH and get coconut conditioner....after the denorex everyday soak for a min or two in the coconut shampoo. Suave will be just fine to use. Then you need to pick all nits out many times during the day that you can get her to sit still. The best time to pick the nits and bugs is right after you have shampooed and conditioned because being wet stops them from moving, it actually paralyses them. all stuffed animals that cannot be washed need to go in a garbage bag and sealed tight for 2 weeks, the ones that can be washed need to be washed and dried then stored away until all is clear. throw all pillows in the dryer every morning. this wll help kill them. good luck, i know how stressful this is.
If you have a big freezer, you can through your stuffed animals in a bag in the freezer. Also, when you get rid of them, use hairspray (or styling gel) in yours and your daughters hair every day until they are through at the school or daycare. Headlice can't live in "dirty" hair, so the hairspay keeps them out. That's what I did with my daughter this year when they got bad, and it seems to be working!
This mommy blog will lead you to a recent Boston Public Radio piece on head lice and this very question. "I am really embarassed to ask this question but I need advice?"  It's very helpful and very different than the typical hum drum on head lice.
MommyofZOO's advice is something I would NOT recommend! At least not for your daughter. I had lice several times when I was younger and using mayonnaise and vinegar didn't help enough to counter the fact that I couldn't bring myself to eat mayonnaise OR vinegar for almost 5 years after my mom did that "treatment." Also, don't think that head lice is "gross", it's not! Lice are actually more attracted to clean hair than they are to dirty hair because clean hair is easier to get through than dirty. Sorry that's all the advice/knowledge I have! Hope I helped.

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