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help!!!!!!! i cant decide on a girl name

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out of nicole summer carlie meadow and nahla keelie

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I love Summer and Carlie.  I always wanted to be named Autumn, but instead I was named Jessica, like every other little girl born in '86. lol never hear that! Kameron, Chloe, Laurel, Lily, Cassie, Paige, Maya....
I really like carlie meadow. I think it's very beautiful and not often heard. I love names that are more unique and different. I didn't want my children to grow up with a million other kids with the same name as them (like I did. Lol). Good luck.
I am also pregnant with a girl and we are naming her Adelaide Marie. We thought that it sounded so beautiful.
Nita girl - you've got plenty of time!  I think I saw from a previous post you are 12 weeks.  You've got 28 weeks until that baby is here and 6-9 weeks until you know the sex.  Write down the names that you like, once you see your sonogram and know the sex then start trying them out.  When you talk about the baby or talk to the baby use one of the names for a week or so.  You'll know which one is right and fits for you.  With our first we had him named with THE name up until about 2 weeks before he was born and then we realized it was what we liked not what fit him.  So we changed it to what felt right and felt like it fit him.  And looking at him today, we chose the right name.  Good thing we didn't have people monogramming stuff for us.  lol!  There's a good site for baby names to see how they sound and get fits for names you like - try:'s really a fun site to visit - you can know first, middle or none of those and just use your last name to see what's picked for you. Good luck! 
i found more names which one do you like out of these ava,ella,isabelle,bella,alice,scarlett,lila,molly,rose,tessa,tess,gracie,makaila ,daisy,dawn,annabelle,helena,eliza,lyla,ivy,kirsten,mae,nora,katrina,coraline,cora,joanna,kathleen,dalani,lani,kristen,stacie,melanie,cassie,lori,alissa,annie,allie,myra,kailey,kiley,nia,mia,josie,krista,macie,mara,bailey,myla,lilah,jolene,lea,marilynn,belle,clarissa,charlene,misty,violet
i like bella
We initally liked Bella too, but with the Twilight movies out everyone is going to be naming their baby Bella.  My cousin is!
My boyfriend likes the name Carly. I personally don't like it for my baby but I figured that he should have a say in what the baby's name will be. So we're naming our little girl: Janel Carly Olmedo

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