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help im scared and need advice

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im really scared. in getting married in 2 weeks but i am 10 weeks pregnant. my mom is starting to suspect something and i dont know what to do. i really dont want her to know this all happened before i got married. what do i do?

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When you finally tell her and tell her your due date she might figure it out.  In two weeks you will be almost 3 months pregnant She will know you got pregnant before you got married. 
Just remember that your mother loves you and she's been through pregnancy before she can help you so much!  She will be really glad that you are honest with her.  It can be embarrassing if people have a certian view of you, but being honest about it is a sign of maturity.  If you feel that getting pregnant before you got married was a mistake, admit that it wasn't what you planned.  But at least you got pregnant with is the right guy, and you will be married to him.  Honestly I doubt she will look down on you for it, and if she does that is her problem. If it is for religious reasons, I can understand.  I had a friend who told everyone she was raped rather than admit she chose to have sex and got pregnant by her boyfriend because she was worried what people at church would think.  But even then she got married to him and made ammends for what she said.  It made her life so much easier not to have the burden of withholding information from her family and friends. Keeping something like that a secret can wear on you more than telling the truth.  Right now, telling your mom might seem like a huge problem, but in the long run you will feel better having it off your chest.It doesn't have to be common knowledge that you got pregnant before you got married, but it is something that you can share with your mom.  She will still love you and your baby.  She may just feel sad that you didn't share it with her sooner.

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