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Help me please!!!

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I'm 16 wks pregnant and since yesterday i have been having like a pain when i urinate, i get like a kidney infection sometimes and i'm so scared it could harm the baby or something, i went straight to the doctor yesterday but there were the nurses and they took urine sample to sent it to the lab and i will see the doctor on wednesday(tomorrow), also i'm drinking cranberry juice which is very helpful to me... But any advices, has this happen to anybody.. pleaseee!!!

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I dont believe a kidney infection can harm your baby. ALot of women have kidney stones while pregnant and it doesnt harm them. You should be ok
You probably have a UTI, there are actually over the counter tests for checking to see if you have a UTI. I wouldn't stress too much, drink alot of water, cranberry juice. They will give you a pregnancy safe (you did tell them you were pregnant right?) antibiotic and it'll be gone soon. Just think, you are doing everything you can do and you'll feel alot better next week. And this too shall pass.
Thank You girls i'm really doing my best because i don't like water or cranberry juice, but i will see my Ob tomorrow and he will probably give me some antibiotics. Now i'm more relaxed!
Amy, you can also try blueberry juice.  It's yummy!
Is it good for UTI as cranberry juice?

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