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help please...

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Ive had a feeling that im pregnant for a while now, and am wondering when would be the right time to wait to take a test. i was suppose to start my period today, but no sign of it yet only slight cramping. but i heard thats normal.

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I would recommend you to wait a little more, like me i'm very irregular with my periods but when i see that it doesn't come like in ten days i take a test or can wait a little more, sometimes your hormones are not that strong and is possible that the test doesn't show that you might be pregnant and also my symptoms develop really fast like at 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, if you are taking a test i think you should better go to a clinic don't buy any from the pharmacy, i think the one from clinics are mor effective. Good Luck!! ;)
I took mine around the third week of missing my peirod - it did not register so I thought I was not till I went to the Promt Care Emergency because I thought I had at some bad chicken -  kept throwing up and was not sure what was a matter - the blood test came back positive for a baby and not bab chicken- good luck
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