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my daughter hannah is only 2 days old shes a premie she wont stop screaming not crying shes screaming so hard and loud that she can barely breath and shes got a fever i called the emergency room to tell them to get ready that i was gonna bring her in and they said that they were to busy and to take her tomorrow but its not a normal cry shes crying like shes on fire or something and ive tryed everything to calm her down and nothing working im so scared that somethings gonna happen to her what should i do

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just calm down if your upset it might make her more upset just tell her that your there just try to comfort her and let her know that your there for her rap her up in a blanket she might be cold because premies get cold very easy and just rock her and give her a binky i hope everythings ok im here for you good luck
dont call the emergency rrom just go! shes a premie so u have to be xtra carefull especially is she has a fever. I would'nt take no for an answer.
i called my friend to stay with my 8 month old alissa so i could take hannah to the emergency room as soon as my friend gets here to stay with alissa im gonna go to the emergency room
I hope everything is ok. I'll be praying for you.
thanks for your support everyone i took her to the emergency room they said where shes a premie its very easy for her to get sick because her immune system is low anyways he said that she has pnuemonia anyways he gave her a shot to bring her fever down and gave her an .i.v. and she is on antibiotics and she has to stay at the hospital anyways the docter told me to go home and get some clothes and and stuff so i could stay with her my husband is gonna go home with my daughter alissa and then my sister is gonna watch her on monday so he can go to work and she might be allowed to come home tomorrow if shes doing better but we dont know yet but anyways thank you for being here for me
I hope she gets better soon! I know how difficult and scary it can be taking care of a premIe.
i just got home the docter told me to get some clothes socks hats and blankets for hannah she gets to come home today so i had to get some stuff for her and shes been on a feeding tube seince she was born and today they take it out so i will be able to breastfeed which im really excited about anyways this morning the fever was gone the pnuemonia was gone and she was wide awake so thanks everyone
thats good
I'm glad to hear she's doing okay.. i was worried. Good Luck! :)

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