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hey guys i am a first time mom and everyone says thats its not safe to eat raw hots dogs during your pregnancy, have any of you heard this before?

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yes, i have heard this before. my doctor told me specifically not to eat any deli meat unless i cook it first. i think there is some bacteria in cold meats that could be potentially harmful to your baby.
This statement is true do not eat hot dogs at all actually.  My doctor told me as my dietitian did not to eat hot dogs because no one knows what is even in a hot dog and could potentially harm the baby.  There are harmful things in a hot dog any kind.  So do watch what you eat.  I am also 8 1/2 months along. good luck to you and a first time mommy.
if you really want some hot dogs, try tofu/veggie dogs from whole foods market, they are pretty good :D
I have been told my my doctor not to eat raw hot dogs there is a bacteria in them that could harm your baby. However she told me it would be fine to cook the hot dog and then eat it. I eat beef hot dogs and they are truely the best and no harm to the baby of course I would not eat them raw.
thanks everyone for the info. and congrats and good luck on your pregnancy.
Yes - the issue is listeria, a bacteria that can be found in hot dogs, deli meats, and even prewashed, bagged salad.  It dies when it's heated, so as long as you heat the meat/hot dog until it's steaming (in the microwave, etc), you've killed it.  As for bagged salad, just buy fresh head lettuce and wash it. The issue with hot dogs is that no one knows what's in them - what parts of the cow, as well as what artificial growth hormones, pesticides, etc.  If you can't cut them out of your diet, at least cut down on them and buy the varieties that have the fewest ingredients and preservatives as possible (organic, if you can).  There have been studies showing that pregnant women who consume large amounts of hot dogs have babies with issues, so this would be a good diet change to tackle.

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