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hey im 11weeks and a day...i dont go 2 the doc till the 21...i still havent heard the babyz heart beat and i want 2 so ill kno its ok...i had a miscariage 6monthz be4 i got prego and im just scared i hurt all da time...the last time i had an ultra sound..

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i was u really couldnt c the baby...when will the next time they do u think they will if i ask em 2...i just wanna c how much my baby has grown...and 2 hear the heart beat so my worries will go away....

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they usally do one early in the second trimester wich begins at week 12 so they will prolly do another one when you go are the next time for shure good luck!!!
im sure everything will be fine when i first found out i was pregnant i was still having sex but i would bleed everytime i went to the er & they told me i lost the baby i was crushed went to my follow up & i was still pregnant. also my sister lost 2 kids until she finaly got her a beautiful girl. just hope for the best but dont forget the worst if u lose the baby im sorry but maybe your body is just not ready. your time will come good luck & dont worry    post bck when u go to the doc i know how u feel
they are still able to hear the heart beat without an ultrasound. ask them if they can use the Doppler to hear it so it'll ease your stress

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