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i am now 39 weeks and 4 Days my due date is saturday december 11 and for a while i had been having this white discharge and i had asked around and i got told that it was my mucus plug that i was losing it slowly and well now i dont have that anymore its only a watery discharge i dont know what that is and its freaking me out has anyone had this and does that mean that i am about to go into labor /??? this is my first baby and i am very excited but yet scared as hell please help me i am freaking out and any advice that you guys could give me its great thank you very much

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i dont think it means your going into labour, im 38 weeks and have been having on and off white to clear watery discharge since my second trimester and my OB said its normal. so i think your good.
i got told yesterday that a white discharge is good not a clear a clear discharge can me your water is leaking little by little i would call the dr and ask

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