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hi i gave birth to a boy 9 weeks ago and haven't had my first period yet, im a little worried,is that normal???

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It is normal. I bled for 3 months after I had my 3rd son.  For everyone this is different.  With my other 2 pregnancies I only bled for 2 weeks.  I do have to ask one question.  Are you currently getting the Depo provera shot for birth control?  This shot can make you bleed longer after having a baby.  I suggest you ask your doctor so that first of you can get yourself to relax and second so that your docotor knows that you are concerned about this.
I think I went about the same length of time without getting mine when I had my first, and it's not unusual.  Just like how every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and your body will also be different now after having a baby- it was a really big change and it will take time for everything to fall back into place.  I was so afraid that maybe I was pregnant again so soon, I ended up taking a test and it was negative.  Run it by your doctor, but for the most part, enjoy not having to take care of 'that' for a while- it's never fun!
its normal that happened to me when i had my 8 month old alissa

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