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Hi I just found out Im pregnat im maybe about 1month but i been cramping like if im about to get my period is that bad?

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Hi Caroline, at first I had strong cramps and I thought it was because I was going to start my period. I used the heating pad for my cramps and took motrin because the pain was just like a period, but, I never started. I went through the motions of having one but never did, then I found out I was pregnant; the doctor said I was 12 weeks. Hope that helps, you're not alone. For sure double check with your doctor, keep in mind that throughout the pregnancy you will experience cramping because your uteras is growing, ask your doctor for sure if you have serious concerns.Good luck!Charlotte-Renee
im arond 7 to 8 weeks and wen i first found out i was 4 weeks and i cramped all the time but drinking alot of water helps alot after drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day the cramps started to go away hop that helps.
i have been cramping the docter said its ok but you should call the docter and see what they say

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