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hi im excpeting my second baby the 20/07/2010 and ive never breast feed but really want to give it ago but worried incase i dont do it right

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im 5mths pregnant with my second child my first daughter she is three four in august i was 21 when i had her and to breast feed her was never an option from day one me and my partner dident discuss if we was bottle or breast feeding that what everyone done bottle feed well that what we thought how wrong we was from when i found out i was pregnant at 6weeks in my head i was bottle feeding my daughter we bottle feed her with cow and gate fomula and she suffered from bad colic restless so i thought i'd try sma gold up untill today when ive sat down and read up on breast feeding and read oter peoples experences on breast feeding i really want to give it ago im just scared in case i fail and cont do it right and i was worried listening to friends stories about them trying to breast feed that there nippels cracked and bleed and its very pain full to breast feed well thats what ive been told by several people but im really determing that im going to give it a 100 per cent and experence what it feels like my self and mainly because breast milk is best for baby i will be buying a breast pump so my partner can feed the baby to any tips on breast feeding

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Okay, first of all take a deep breathand calm down. Even if you and the baby can't get the breastfeeding dance down, it won't kill either one of you. You can suppliment, pump and feed, or bottlefeed. Second, the symptoms you had with your first child when your milk came in - engorgement, soreness, maybe a clogged duct before you dried up - you will get more if you breastfeed, for a while, until you and Baby learn the dance. A cold compress will help with all of these, and pumping a little bit before you feed will help your baby latch on better by stimulating the nipple to pop out - which will help you two learn the right method faster and easier - as well as reducing engorgement. You may also get chapped skin on your nipples - just like anywhere else that is in constant contact with saliva and then dry air. You can wash and then apply lotion - nontoxic of course - right after you finish feeding to help with this. Just be sure to wash it off before you feed again. I also found that using lip balm - like Blistex, Carmex, or Chapstick - has much the same effect on your nipples as on your lips. And it's okay if the baby gets a little bit during feeding.Take turns which breast you feed Baby from first. They tend to suck more on the one they drink from first and your breast function on supply-and-demand, so if you always feed from one side first, it will cause extreme engorgement in the one and insufficient milk in the other. The more is demanded, the more is supplied. If one nipple is sorer than the other and the baby is very hungry, feed on the good side first so that Baby's urgency won't irritate the chapped skin or clogged duct more. If engorgement is worse in one nipple, feed there first but switch sooner. The more demand is put on each breast for milk, the more it produces. If you switch sooner from the one that produces the most, it evens out the demand. The engorged one will stop getting as full, making it feel a lot better and balancing things out.Above all, have patience and ask for help if you need it. Hospitals usually have lactation counselors that can help you start and can help with any issues you may have later.
i heard all kinds of horror stories about cracked, bleeding nipples, pain from shrinking uterus (stimulated by breast feeding). i tried it with my first and had no problems at all, except in my opinion i produced too much milk (i was leaking everywhere). give it a try, it may not be as bad as you've heard (for you). every mother's experience is different. the above poster gave great advice also. don't worry ahead of time (in the mean time).
when i had my daugther i was just as worried but a breast feeding counselor really helped me before talking to her i was having such a hard time breastfeeding my newborn, the best advice she gave me was to wait until my baby opens her mouth completely, and then latch her on before she was just sucking on the tip of the nipple and it was real painful. give it a try my daughter later on had a couple zeisures and the only thing she would eat for 2-3 days after one was breast milk. (plus all the above advise is really good)
I had a terrible time with it..had all the bad physical stuff..cracked bleeding nipples, engorement, you name it..but did not give up..and breastfed for 2 yrs 2 if I can do it you sure can! I went through 3 breast pumps...don't get a cheap one...get a medela can rent them at the hospital..and they are wonderful. Also lots of info online that can help is so worth it..also if you have low milk supply lots of things can help give it a try!  ALso don't listen to negative people.

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