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Hi im on my 7th baby...

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and i havnt felt any symptoms of preg like the others but im very tiered tho. and lately I've had a white discharge but it aint smelly so could it be a yeast infection?

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I am on my third child due in nov. the only reson I knew I was pregnant was the fact I threw up like a week in a row otherwise I had no idea I also have the white discharge mine isnt smelly eather my doc told me its normal to have discharge but if it turns yellow or brown and got smelly to let her know right away so i hope that helps
Wow 7th baby, god bless you!  I thought I had a lot of kids, I'm on #5.   My last one is 1yr old yesderday, With so amny children, you get very busy & don't have the time to reconize whta's going on with you.  I wanted another baby because mine are 15yrs,13yrs,6yrs,&1yr.  Also they're all boys and I really want that babygirl.  I know there's no way to get a spcific gender, well i've heard there are ways, but this baby wasn't planned or I would've researched it & tried all the recomendations do have  a girl.  I didn't know I was preganant this time until around 11wks when i went to the OB/Gyn for an annual check up and a refill on birth control pills.  All the signs where there, but i had a really abd sinus infection & I contributed all the symptoms to that since it was reoccuring.  I guess I got pregnant in April while i was on antibiotics for the sinus infection.  It made the birth control pill not work.  A lot of people were asking if i was pregnant & I kept saying no, until i had that apt. & heard the heart beat.  then a few days later, i had an ultrasound.  I wanted to plan it alittle further along but that's ok, babies are gifts from god and I guess it's time to give my 1yr old  a playmate.  The white-clear discharge is completely normal, it;s one of the discomforts of pregancy.  It's supose to be thicker to keep infections out.  If it gets itchy or smells =, then check with your Dr.  Good LucK!

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