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Hi Mamas :)

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I'm 24w and my baby has been really super active the last couple of mornings around 3am. It feels like he's dancing or moving furniture! I was wondering if the baby's activity cycles are a hint at what time of day or night they will be born?

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I personally dont think that there is a direct link at all. My daughter is 14 months and she started sleeping completely through the night by the time she was 3 months and she had been the same as your baby is active all night long. I am currently 21 pregnants and this baby is just the same and very active from about midnight on and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this baby is the same lol.. good luck!!
Thanks Maddison! :)My little guy is active ALL the time.  He only calms down when he's eating or when mommy and daddy are spending time together! lolI hope he'll be like your first and sleep through the night!  What a lucky mama you are!  Hope your second will sleep through the night, too ;)

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