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hi mamas

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hi my name is angel im new to this website my husbands name is mason i have a little girl she 6 months old her name is nicole we call her nikki or aly because her middle name is alice anyways i just wanted to introduce myself so i can get to know everyone

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Hi, and welcome.. I LOVE this site.. lol.. My name is Ashley and I am 22. I have a fiancee Kyle and we have a 15 month old Daughter Maddison Lynn.. Maddi for short =) And I am currently 28 1/2 months pregnant with our son.. Dominic should be here sometime around Christmas.. the moms on this site are amazing.. If you ever have questions aways ask.. they seem to always know answers or do their best to help =)
yeah i love this website to my friend told me about it and its very helpful and i love the articals they help out alot to and sometimes you can get a laugh out of it to and i love the recipes to and all the tips for breastfeeding because i breastfeed my daughter so everything on this website is very very helpful
Hello Angel! My name is Brittany and I'm glad you decided to become part of our little society here lol! I hope all goes well with your family! Good luck :)

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