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Hi, Me and my fiance have been try to get pregnant for almost 4 months now with no luck. Helpp?! Any advice will be appreciated.

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Me and my fiance had decided 5 months ago that we were ready to start a family, But since then we have had no luck getting pregnant. Everytime i think i might be my period comes around and all tests are negative. Im tired of spending money on pointless pregnancy tests, going through the heart crushing experiences of getting my hopes up. And i hate seeing the pain in his eyes and on his face when he sees a negative pregnancy test. Please anything would help.

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I have always been irregular with my periods. So I did two things. I bought the Clear Blue ovulation kit to help me know when I'm ovulating. I was surprised to find out that some months I would ovulate as late as the 20th day of my cycle. That's late! you know excatly what days you ovulate you can try to concieve on those days. Might be a little technical but whey you want a baby, nothing is too much. Also, I asked my doctor if i could take Clomed. It's a fertility drug that makes you more fertile. Because I didn't want multiple births, I request a very low dosage. I have two beautiful boys and expecting a third child. With all three pregnancy my husband and I tried to concieve before using the ovulating kit and unsuccesful. I know I sound like a commercial but  I HONESTLY BELIEVE in the Clear Blue Kit. It's a little expensive about $175 but you could probably find new on EBay for cheaper. Good luck!
I might have to try that. I guess im just bad with timing. I either check to early or to late. And i just get COMPLETELY confused when it comes to the ovulation calendars and all of that.
i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 5yrs and it wasnt possible.....the anxiety and eagerness was too much! i had kind of given up....i was so surprised when i missed my las month period..only to learn that i was pregnant. Am now 8weeks pregnant with 12yr daughter. All i can tell you is relax...
Many women say it's about not stressing and just relaxing. I agree. However, timing is everything. How can you concieve if you're not ovulating, or not within that time period.  Having the proper tools to guide you making the right decision in WHEN to try to concive help so much.

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