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high fever

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My son was diagnosed with an ear infection about a week ago at his 9 month check up. Since then he has developed a yeast infection and diarrhea due to the antibiotic. He's also been running a fever over 100 degrees for most of the day today. I've given him tylenol and made sure he's staying hydrated but it still won't go down. Any ideas or suggestions for lowering his fever?

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My doctors have always said to alternate tylenol and motrin.  Cool baths help temporarily lower a fever.  For the best advice though call your doctor's nurse.  They can give advice over the phone without you having to go in most times, especially if they've already seen him for the ear infection and yeast infection.  It will break, but sometimes it does take a few days.  Just watch it so it doesn't get too high.  I think between 103 and 105 is when they can have fever induced seizures.  If it gets really high though take a cool shower or bath with him.  Hope he feels better soon!

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