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Hii...I'm 27 weeks pregnant...half way:-) I wanna dye my hair but I'm not sure if that can hurt the baby in any way...

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All doctors have different answers to this question. My doctor told me that she wasn't going to make me walk around w/roots. My co-workers dr said she could just get highlights.I am actually a hairdresser and work w/color and color my hair. I have one very healthy child and another on the way. The only thing u should b worried about is how ur hormones might affect ur color. I have colored a pregnant womans hair brown only for it to turn out black. Hope this helps.
Yes I agree with tabithas03.  You can dye your hair in a well ventialted area. But again your hormones will effect how it comes out.  I am 26 weeks pregnant and I dyed my hair the other day and instead of being blonde I now have a reddish blonde.  But it still looks good.

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