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is hip pain normal?

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i am 20 weeks pregnant and im having severe hip pain. i dont really remember when it got bad becuase it as always been there from when i ran track in jr high and now it has gotten really bad and i can barley move around school without crying from the pain. it hurts to get up and to even sit down. i have a dr appiontmment on the 27th but my mom thinks i should go before then and make sure everything is okay. do you think i should go to the er this close to my dr appiontment or should i just wait it out and talk to my dr at my appiontment?

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If it hurts that bad, why not call your doctor to see if you can get an earlier appointment.  There may be several different reasons for the pain, anything from you position you sleep in to the way you are sitting in class.  I wouldn't say go to the ER, they would probably just refer you to your physician anyway.  Just call and tell them how much pain you are in, they can probably squeeze you in or give some advice on pain relief so you can make it until the appointment.
I agree with lissiemel.. I would definitly call my dr and tell them that I am miserable from being in so much pain and see what they recommend. My dr that I have now is good about squeezing people in if they need to see them sooner but if not maybe they can give you advice on what to do to help with the pain.. I had bad hip pain in the mornings when I woke up around that time frame maybe a few weeks further along and I bought a body pillow and use it to wrap around when I am sleeping and it does help alot so I would suggest that to anyone =) good luck
mine got so bad one day that i called my dr. but the day after everything was fine... but if yur not sure call the dr
call the docter just so you know for sure
Of course, talk to your doctor. Also if you can, see a physiotherapist. I have really nasty back problems,(which while pregnant make it feel like somebody is trying to rip my legs off), and my doctors are always focused on treating the pain, my physiotherapist treats the cause. Again, it depends on your situation ($$!), but I would highly recommend it. Also, if you don't already work with a physiotherapist, make sure they are good, and work with pregnant women, some will not). You don't want to drug your baby too much before they are even born!

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