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hospital bag..

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so ill be 25 weeks sunday and i was wondering at how many weeks should i start packing a hospital bag and what should i bring?? its my first child so i have no clue

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I would wait a while still.  With my first I went into pre-term labor at 28 weeks and still didn't pack my actual bag until about 32-34 weeks.  I was able to keep him in until 38 weeks, so it just sat around for a few weeks waiting.  With my 2nd I started dilating at around 34 weeks and it really picked up at 36 weeks, but I didn't pack my bag with him until 38 weeks.  He was born at 40 weeks and 2 days.  I think I'll wait until 38 weeks again with this one, unless doctors appointments and dilation/effacing indicate something different.  :)
Around 36 weeks is when it's suggested to pack your hospital bag. :)
I would personally say around 35 weeks. My dr said that once you hit the 36 week mark then they would let the labor progress if you start. However due to complications with lots of preterm labor I would always rather be safe then sorry =) good luck!! We will be 35 weeks on sunday and are packing things now just in case =)
A few things to remember: for you-shampoo/bodywash/toothbrush that sort of thing. Clothes, nursing bras if that's how you're going to feed. Slippers, since you might not feel like bending to put socks on. And a warm house coat. For baby: clothes, nail clippers, hair brush, and diapers and wipes depending on your hospital. We forgot nail clippers for my daughter, and she had huge long nails when she was born, so we had to sent my FIL out to get some!
I'm almost 30 weeks( my first as well) and I already have my bag packed, along with the diaper bag, im just nervous and excited, as well as i want to be prepared for anything, including snow( i live in MD). So pack it when you want, you can always go back and rearange it, or exchange something. good luck!
Oh pajama/ shirt that buttons, so you can stay warm when breastfeed, if thats what your doing.
I am 36 weeks and still have not packed my bad =( i know I need to get on that lol... for baby, i would bring different sizes of clothes just incase, my friends baby was 10lbs 15oz.. didnt expect that so the clothes she brought where way to small for him lol

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