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How accurate are early ultra sounds for determining sex of baby?

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and just went to perinatal visit for prenantal testing. While doing the ultra sound the technician asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby. Iof course said yes and she told me it was a boy, gave me pictures and everything, although they are vague. but I am just wondering how accurate this could be. I aske dher if she was sure bc I though you couldnt find out until you were 16-20 weeks, and she said that is what most ob's are comfortable with but she was comfortable doing it early. My concern is that I jave a girl from a previous relationship and so does my boyfriend so he is really really hoping for a boy, so if this is wrong he is going to be devastated....

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At 12 weeks a tech (if comfortable guessing) will look at the "nub". Google "nub theory", and you can read over some information. If the angle of the "nub" is more upward when compared to the spine then chance are its a boy. If the "nub" is parallel or pointing downward its a girl. Another great resource is There is a forum where you can submit your 12 weeks u/s scan and seasoned techs/moms will tell you their opinion if you can't tell. I did it and I got 100% boy posts, and at my 17 private scan it was confirmed a boy. Good luck!

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