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how angry and frustrated can i get

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I work at a day care and am 37 weeks pg. I am left in the room by myself from 830 to 5 every day with 5 to 7 kids. An other co worker is pg also and was never alone after 30 weeks. I have more medical problems with this pregancy than she did and have a hard time getting anyone to cover breaks or anything for me after 1 pm so for 4 hours I don't get a bathroom break or anything. I have talk to my boss in the past when I was 4 to 5 months along and things changed for a while but then went back to the way they were.. How long do I have to put up with this before I can get really angry considering everyone else gets their break and I don't ???

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wow! thats not even cool, why won't people cover you? i TOTALLY understand your frusteration as i've worked at two daycares and know exactly how stressful the environment can be. i'm very sorry about that and i agree that its not a fair situation. have you tried talking to your co-worker?
Man ive worked in 2 daycares as well.. sometimes its ruff.. do you have a floater? We had phones in our rooms to call if we needed breaks... but yeah i would sit down and talk again
I would definitely say something. I haven't worked at a daycare but I have 3 kids and over the summer I kept my friends 2 little girls. I can't imagine not being able to go to the bathroom. Not only is that unfair its just plain rude! Not to mention it sounds illegal. You have to be allowed to take your breaks. I would definitely try talking to them again. Good luck sweetie! :)
You have the right to get angry as soon as things went back to the way they were.  I would be pitching a fit every day until they either 1) fired me for being pregnant and asking for the same treatment as another pregnant coworker, which is illegal, by the way or 2) they fixed the situation.

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