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How bad is it really going to hurt? Contractions and the actual birth?

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It's hard to compare it to other kinds of pain. But it varies from person to person. I would say, try not to worry about the pain for now-- create a birthing plan with your doctor or midwife that you think will work, and focus on how great it will be to bring your baby home!
It's gonna hurt to some degree but the hurt varies with different people because of different pain tolerance levels. Also if you are induced with Pitocin the contractions are generally alot stronger than going natural. I was induced with the first 3 pregnancies I had and expect to be this time also. I have opted for the epidural everytime. Although when you start getting the urge to push it seems like the epidural isnt working because you start to feel some pain but by this time you'll be pusing out the baby and as soon as your little bundle is out it doesnt hurt anymore. It's like a euphoric experience.
I had a 19 hour completely natural birth (by choice) and at one point during the contractions I asked my mom (who had 6 children) "This hurts sooooo bad! Once somebody experiences this, why would they EVER do it again?!" She explained to me that once the baby comes and you hold him, everything is totally worth it and you forget about the pain over time. She was right, because now I'm 6 weeks with our next baby!In my opinion, the contractions hurt worse than the actual labor, and by the time all was said and done, passing the after-birth didn't hurt at all.I was induced with Pitocin, and I do believe that made the contractions worse than they would have been because he was obviously not ready to come yet and my body was fighting it so I think it hurt alot worse than if he had gotten to decide when to come, but my blood pressure was too high for that. :(Congrats & Good Luck!
I was induced with my first son and truly don't remember what the pain felt like. Honestly, it is going to hurt, but once that little one is out and healthy, you'll forget it completely lol.
Oh! I so agree with " asudheimer" up there! I think the contractions hurt more than the actual birth. I had a natural birth with my first. After feeling the contractions I was afraid that the actual birth pain would be even worse. It wasn't! Getting through the contractions is the hardest part.  And then you get your baby! Happy ending :) 

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