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how can i find a good pediatrician

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we went through recommendations of other friends and family that had used different ones.. some were positive and some were negative but they helped us narrow down the search then we met with a couple to see which one we liked better.. hope that helps some but as being a first time mom with my daughter I had no idea who to look at for her dr and this seemed to work for us =)
recommendations from your friends, others in the doctors office, remember just because they don't have a little one with them doesn't mean there isn't another little one at home or at school.  You can also ask your doctor for recommendations they know who people in your area are choosing.  Talk to your healthcare provider to get a list of approved doctors and then do some interviews with them.  A lot of pediatricians will set aside 10 minutes or so just to meet with prospective parents to do an interview.  Also remember if you don't like them...switch!  It's that easy and better to switch than be stuck with a doctor you aren't comfortable with or doesn't seem to care.  We move a lot so we go through this peds thing all the time, some I've hated that came highly can be hit or miss.  Most importantly be comfortable with your child's doctor!  :)
Another idea is to talk to the nurses at the hospital. None of them will say anything bad about a doctor, but they will probably know something about personalities.Good luck finding someone.

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