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how can i find out the sex of my baby

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Well the way that gives you the most certainty is the 20 week ultrasound. How far along are you? There are other like old wives tales like: putting your pee in draino, holding your wedding ring (or any ring) over your belly button, things like that. There is a place on this website that will tell you all the different ways. :)
3D ultra sounds are the best ways of finding out the gender of your baby.
There is this pee test you can buy at walgreens INTELLIGENDER , its 90% accurate when used correctly and at 10 weeks :)) ALL my family took it and some of their friends and it was right on the dot for all of them, but of course always wait for your 16 week ultrasound to confirm it :)). Its just a fun thing to take to find out earlier and is right on most the time

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