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How can I get my mother-in-law to clean up her act?

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We are banking on my mother-in-law to be providing free daycare so that we can have kids at all (we're both teachers and day care in Chicagoland is astronomically expensive). She is retired and has already been volunteering to do this for years. The problem is, she is a smoker (about 1-1 1/2 packs a day)! Even if she watches the baby at our house and only smokes outside, our baby will still be exposed to more smoke than I am comfortable with. Smoke would absorb into her clothes while she is taking a cigarette break. When she held the baby to burp, feed, or cuddle, it would be pressed right against her smoky shirt. Even that amount of second hand smoke is irresponsible. How can I have this conversation with her?

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Ummm....let me tell you! You can't change your mother-in law if she don't want to be changed! She is going to smoke regardless! You, sound alot like me! My mother in law has kept my baby girl twice since she was born and she is 4 and my son is 1 and she has never kept him and this is how I am going o keep it! And as far as far as "banking" on her to be your babysitter you may want to think of other options....just beacuse she is retired does not mean she wants to be tied down to someone elses baby! Im not knocking on your mother -in -law but I have already gone through this so GOOD LUCK!
try just telling her, my mom is really bad at taking advice, but when i was firm about a decision that was mine to make she realized that i was right and she needed to butt out (trying to fix problems that didn't exsist) good luck

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