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how come the babydadi dont want to grow up.

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My husband has been pretty immature lately, wanting to buy an XBox and get new stuff for him.  I think it may be his way of dealing with the stress of being a dad soon.  Sometimes when I look at his dad, who isn't the most mature man in the world, I realize that he hasn't had the best role model.  I want my husband to be the kind of dad that I had.  He laid down the law for us kids and we respected him.  But at the same time he was always doing things with our best interest at heart.  He never asked us to do something that he wasn't willing to work right along side us.  With my father-in-law it seemed like having kids was his way of insuring that he wouldn't be alone in his old age, and maybe so that he would have some people to boss around.I think that for some guys it just takes longer.  And particularly those who lacked a strong male role-model, it can be hard to adjust to being a father.  I don't know at what point the chemical change occurs in a man's brain that says "time to be a man now" but hopefully it will be before the children arrive.  good luck, I hope this helps :)

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