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how common in early pregnancy spotting?

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I am about 6 weeks pregnant, I have had constant light cramping, but it feels like it is focusing in on the middle low area, and I am getting back pains. I had a miscarriage before at 4 1/2 weeks, could I be miscarrying again?

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There is spotting that can happen at the time of implantation. However, if you've had a miscarriage before and you are worried then I would definitely suggest calling your dr. Good luck to you honey! :)
I agree that it's very common.  I've had the cramping and spotting with all three of my pregnancies.  And all between 7 and 9 weeks along.  So far I'm on track to have 3 healthy baby boys.  Remember that just because you had one miscarriage doesn't necessarily mean you'll have another.  But if you are worried or if it gets worse (pain and/or bleeding), definitely call your doctor or go to the ER.  They can do an ultrasound and check you out to make sure you aren't at risk to loose the baby.  You may feel better if you call your doctor.  Try to relax.  Good luck!!!  :)

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