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My baby is 6 months and it seems that Ll he does is CRY! omg it drives me what are some ways anyone had to help there baby when they were incrediably whiny

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Have you ever tried to find out what he is crying about?  Babies cry for all kinds of reason.  He could be hungry, wet, bored, tired, teething, etc. That list is very long.  A 6 month is not whiney they just need you to care for them.  They can't tell you what is wrong.  You have to figure it out on our own.  I know that being a parent can be very overwhelming at times.  I can't really tell you what is making him cry unless I get more details about when he starts crying, or if you have tried stuff and that still doesn't help. 
Momma take a break. Let him cry it out for a while. Then switch tacktics like holding him skin to skin. He probably is crying for a reason and often mothers forget that comfort is one of those reasons (babies went from being all cozy and well cared for in a womb to shockingly over stimulied outside). Not always a baby has a need like a wet diaper or hungry or tired. But make sure you check off all those things first, make sure he's well fed, as dry as he'll get and try soothing. Read the swaddling guide here on this site. It worked wonders for my nephew, it was being soothed and wrapped up that he was missing. Just remember if it becomes to overwhelming lay him down in a secure place and take a break to calm your mind. Babies feed of vibes.

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