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How to deal with my son's disruptions in 1st grade class

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My son is in 1st grade and he has recently started talking more in class. He likes to talk when his teacher is talking and during classwork time. We dealt with him not staying on task in Kindergarten. He loved going to school last year but this year he doesn't want to go. It just seems like he is everything opposite this year. Last year was a stricter teacher, loved going to school, and hated homework. This year is sweeter teacher, hates going to school, and doesn't fuss as much about doing his homework. His teacher has asked for a conference and we don't know what to say. We have punished him but nothing is working. Any advice on what to say to the teacher and clues on what he may be going thru? Thanks

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With my children I have noticed that the slightest change in the home environment greatly affects their behavior. Last year my daughter also hated going to school and we found out it was kids in her class being mean. I would try to figure out if anything at all has changed for him and go from there. Also, if he has made new friends that he didn't have last year it will probably make him want to be more social. Good luck.
I agree that the home environment has an effect on behavior. Also talk to him and see what is going on in his point of view. Is he getting bored in class? If he is the lessons may be too easy or to hard for him.
Thank you both so much.  The conference is now over with and his teacher said that he loves to talk. He will start on his work, then start a conversation, then continue with his work. It seems like he is finding out that growing up isn't fun. When we ask him about school and the problems for the day, he just blames it on someone else. We have dealt with the mean kids but now it seems like he is trying to be disruptive to get attention.
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