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how to deal with you and your spouse breaking up during pregnancy?

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Well rest assure that he will be missing out on a very exciting adventure to come. Talk to friends and family if at any time you need extra support or someone to share the excitement with you there is always someone to talk to even to us here  at the parenting blog.
Find a support group in your area - prenatal yoga course, mom group, etc.  I actually went on Craigslist and posted for a walking partner - looked for a woman who was about as pregnant as I am, and I found a great gal.  Even just one good friend can help - and you can share 'mom' duties later when you need breaks. Also, you'd probably want to try to iron out custody issues now rather than later.  The most important thing to remember is that the kid is the most important thing - not anger you have with each other.  This past year I helped a very close friend through a nasty divorce, and one parent lost all sight of the child's needs throughout the process.  It's completely disgusting, and really sad for the child - so be sure to work things out before you have to split custody.  And, unless he's a completely delinquent and actually horrible father, please be generous with custody schedules.  Court systems are designed to screw dads over - which, in the end, will screw the kids over as well...

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