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How do I get my 2 year old to sleep all night?!?!?

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We are trying to get her off the bottle right now, but we have another daughter that is 10 months old - so when she sees her with the bottle, she says she wants one too! I dont want to mess her teeth up~I'm SO tired and would love to have some structure! But at the same time it is so easy to just hand her the bottle and lay her down. She doesn't fight or fuss, she takes her baba & goes to bed! with them so close in age I need all the help I can get!!! ***The hardest part is we live with my parents right now and I dont want to disturb them by letting her cry it out! HELP!***

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When i broke both my boys of the bottle at a yr old I replaced it with something else they could sleep with like a stuffed toy.  They still had night that they cried but I knew it wasn't good to give in. Your situation will be hard if you aren't able to let your daughter cry it out a little.  The longer you wait the harder it becomes to break kids of the bottle.
try reading her a book or singing to her or maybe giving her a stuffed animal to sleep with or maybe rock her in a rocking chair or take her for a ride in the car that usually gets kids to sleep good luck

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