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How do I get over feeling silly about reading to my baby bump?

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I love to read and I want to read to her but I always end up feeling so silly just sitting there reading to my belly. I talk to her and so does my husband but even if I am completely alone I still feel silly. My husband loves to talk to her so I guess I can get him to read to her and we could do it together but I just don't know how to get over the feeling silly. I am 29 weeks along so I have been trying to get over it for awhile but nothing seems to work! I know it's probably ridiculous to feel this way but I can't help it :-)

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I am 28 weeks and I used to feel the same way. What helped me was learning how reading can stimulate the baby and can benefit my son. I just read out loud. No matter what I am reading, I read out loud so my baby can hear me.
I have two kids that I read to every night and my baby goes nuts! He kicks the most at night when i am reading to the kids. I think maybe it's the way I change my voice and tone at some parts.  I understand sitting alone and reading might make you feel silly but try it a couple times and see how your baby might be a new way to get your baby excited and enjoy all the movements!
Keep doing it!! You are an awesome mommy for doing this!!!(s)he is already soaking it up!
I always preferred to it if I was alone, I did feel silly with my first.    Now I can read to my boys including the one in my belly without feeling silly.  I do find myself talking out loud when I'm doing chores or in the car just making coversation, maybe try feels less stresful.  I played my belly a lot of music with both of my boys and do it now too.:)

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