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How do I keep my 3 year old from stripping out of his clothes and diaper?

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Thank goodness for the Bissel carpet cleaner I invested in. It is getting a lot of use cleaning the poo off the carpet in his bed room. We have just, just started potty training with little success. He has just entered his "nope!" stage and is unwilling to go along willingly with any variety of tasks. eating, you name it, let alone going in his potty chair on command. The books recommend waiting this phase out to avoid an angry power struggle so in the interim, how do I keep him from taking his diaper off? I can't find light weight footy jamies, only fleece and it is too warm now. I can't even find overalls, I guess they must be a fall item clothing. I tried safety pinning his shorts to his shirt but in the morning the shorts were off and I could only find one safety pin! Dangerous! So, ladies, any tips?

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I am going through this with my 3 year old right now.  Is he still in diapers or have you tried pull ups?  You might get a few more months of him staying clothed with them.  It is hard when they do this.  I am suprised that you can't find bibbed overalls or shorts.  You could try cutting the legs out and making shorts out of the feety pajamas and cutting the arms down so that they aren't as warm for him.  I also recommend putting them on backwards because eventually he will learn to unzip stuff.  Other than this advice I have no other advice I could give you.  You have tried all the stuff that I have tried and I still am having problems with mine taking his clothes and pull up off. 
Yeah, backwards was my plan and so am I surprised that I cannot find any bib overalls. My boss told me to check the local feed store. Ha, ha. I just feel it is too warm to wrap his core in fleece so I won't be buying the footie jammies on line. I can't find them locally in the stores.I have a case of the pull ups in his bed room. My hope was that he'd put on a clean fresh one after taking off his soiled diaper if that was what was going on in his head. "Nope" was his reply. He just likes to roam free. Argh. He's so darned quiet when he is doing something he's not supposed to and this usually happens at around 6am or after he wakes from a nap. Then when I come in to check on him I get a surprise.
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