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how do i know if im having a boy or girl

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you really wont know until ur ultrasound at 18-20wks..the wives tales dont really tell u anything..the usual wives tales are if ur having a boy ur not ever sick and u dnt gain alot of weight and for a girl u gain alot and ur nauseaus all the..well those are false because im having a girl , have only gained like 7 pds in almost 6 months and have only been sick far along r u?
It's definately true that you won't really know 100% until you get the ultrasound... but, sometimes your mother's intuition works before that and kind of tells you what you are having.. all the old wives tales and other things that i tried, were telling me that i was having a girl most of the time.... only like two said boy... but he started moving over a month and a half before i got my ultrasound, and even a little bit before he started moving, i was subconciously calling him a he... i hardly realized it unless my mom corrected me... and when i went in for my ultrasound, it confirmed that my mother's intuition was right, and that i am having a boy.
Like Kgallagher, I also knew I was having a boy before my 20wk ultrasound.  Remember that sometimes babies are shy during an ultrasound and sometimes don't let you know if they're a boy or a girl!
You wait for your ultrasound.  I carried low with my was a boy.  I carried mid to high with my second and everything was completely different so I thought for sure it was a was a boy.  I'm carrying very high now and once again completely different pregnancy and we "tried" for a girl (as much as you can actually try for one or the other) and's a boy.  They make something you can buy at a drug store to find out earlier, but it will cost you, your ultrasound appointment is free (usually covered by insurance).  I would just wait, it seems like forever but time will fly by.  :)
When i was 16weeks the doc did an ultrasound and told me it was a boy and i was sick the whole time 7 weeks to delivery time.  then i found out a year later i was pregant again and i was never sick at all and it was a girl
my first pregnancy piece of cake carried high it was a second sick to my stomach constantly...carried was a girl...i really had no thoughts or feelings about what i was having until my ultrasound...we recently just found out we are pregnant again...and i've got a feeling it's a boy...

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